About us

Nowadays, finding a loan online can be difficult, because there are so many different offers and comparing them can be time-consuming and inconvenient. To make this process easier, we offer you the Loans15 service!

Loans15 is a loan comparison website that offers to compare all the most important criteria of lenders, so that you have the opportunity to find the most suitable and profitable loan for you! 

You can compare loans in the following categories:

Comparing loans is important!

There are countless financial brands in Sri Lanka that offer loans and other financial services. Lenders differ in their credit policies, which include interest rates, commissions, and the review process. These lenders have different terms and fees, the size of which depends on various factors.

It is important to compare loan terms so that you are informed with all the necessary information and receive the best and most advantageous loan option.

Our values

Our values are our clients! We understand our client need for a more convenient and faster loan comparison service, so we are constantly improving our service.

We offer only the latest information! We are constantly updating the information so that you receive only the latest offers.

Our goal is to help you not get lost in the wide range of loan offers and help you choose the most suitable option for you.

Loans15.com does not issue loans and is not a lender. Loans15.com provides consumers with free information on the special terms of a lender's loan agreement and other relevant information. On the website, the peer-to-peer lenders have a special license to provide the consumer credit service.