Frequently asked questions

What is Loans15?

Loans15 offers the opportunity to find the most suitable loan for you. We collect various loans in one place and present the main criteria of the loans in an easy and understandable way, so that it is easy for you to quickly compare them. Loans15 service is convenient and available to you at any time!

How fast can I get money into my bank account?

The loan amount will be transferred to your bank account within approximately 15 minutes or within one working day.

What to pay attention to when choosing an online loan?

You should pay attention to:

What are the requirements for borrowers?

To get a loan, you must:

For what purposes are loans granted?

The loan is granted for any purpose.

How to repay the loan?

Is it possible to repay the loan faster?

The loan can be repaid at any time.

I have not received a loan invoice, what should I do?

Contact your lender directly to resolve this situation!

What if I can't make the monthly repayment due to financial difficulties?

If you cannot make the payment, you must contact the lender and agree on changes to the repayment schedule.

Why did the lender refuse to grant the loan?

Where can I leave a review?

To give your feedback about the service, go to the review section!

How can I contact Loans15?

If you have any questions about the Loans15 service, please use our contact form!